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Functional, versatile and prepared.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Here is a run down of the programming tracks that Islander Athletics provides you throughout the week. You will never be bored with our style of programming and your body will never grow accustomed to the exercises we throw at you. In general, all of our programming has a strong emphasis on teaching and technique. So always expect a lot of coaching and movement correction throughout ALL our classes!

Icon Programming by Chris Spealler

ICON is the core of what we do. Programmed for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and provides you with a warm-up, workout, scaled version, limited gear version, optional accessory work, and cool-down.

This track gets you in and out of the door within an hour. It’s smart, effective training with the appropriate amount of volume. You don’t need excessive volume to be fit, you simply need to do the work well and with intensity.

The Muscle Metcon by Matt Breen

Build the engine without sacrificing the gains! Our very own coach, Matt (aka Mott) Breen has been working hard at creating a new way to enjoy functional fitness along with a focus on aesthetics. The muscle metcon program combines classic bodybuilding exercises with cardio in an hour long class that will not only make you feel good but look good too!

You can catch these classes on the schedule on Monday nights. Check out the style of programming on instagram @themusclemetcon

S-Club by Mo

Another great program created by one of our very own coaches, Mohamad! Whether it's your first time to touch a bar or you're and experienced lifter, this class is for everyone. The programming in strength club includes a series of drills breaking down the barbell movements. With focus on the Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean & jerk) we also include plyometrics and accessories to build power and raw strength.

This is your time to become great at those technical lifts we do in group classes.

You can catch strength club on our schedule Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm.

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